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Located in Surry Hills, Salaryman is the hot spot where our Head Chef Alex Lynn will #CrushYou with his punchy Asian share plates.

It’s fun, the music is loud - the food, well, it’s punchy and delicious.

When you walk through the doors of Salaryman you can feel the heartbeat of a grungy, modern-day asian fusion restaurant. This is where food is a religion and playtime replaces overtime. Unassuming from the outside with dark tinted windows hiding a home of amazing fusion food with an intoxicating charcoal scent wafting through.

We go until we drop, so come let off some steam, catch up on the outside world and get a little loose. It’s time to run with a different crowd. Welcome to Salaryman.

Located in Surry Hills, five minutes from Central station"

We’re pumped to introduce Salaryman’s new head chef Alex Lynn

In Alex’s own words: “So pumped for the new year ahead! The constantly evolving menu at Salaryman allows us the flexibility to experiment with new combinations of Australian and Asian ingredients with European and modern cooking techniques. The food is going to be simple and super tasty. The service - fun, friendly and professional and the music is going to be loud!!! I can’t wait to show you a fun time at Salaryman.”